About ADO

LIVING IN BERLIN – Your home in Berlin is our top priority. We lease apartments in what we regard as the most exciting city in Europe for every living situation. From large to small, for families, couples and singles, in almost all districts. Here, you can find out who we are, where we come from and what we can offer you.

Our property portfolio currently comprises around 17.650 residential and 990 commercial units with a total residential floor space of 1.150.000 square meters and 113.000 square meters of commercial units, mostly in the heart of Berlin. This makes us one of the major property owners in the German capital.

We have been taking care of our apartments, our tenants and the surrounding area since 2006.

Everything we do is geared toward people. With our in-house team, we deal quickly with inquiries from prospective tenants and our tenants’ issues. Wherever it is economically efficient for us and our tenants, we carefully improve the quality of our buildings. In the last ten years, we have invested around €36 million in modernizing our properties.

We have more than 250 employees in Berlin, and currently have 16 apprentices on the payroll. An attractive, motivating work environment, a healthy work-life balance and ongoing training are key aspects of our corporate philosophy. Here too, we believe that life is all about people.

In the same way, we are committed to neighborhoods and social facilities in Berlin. In addition to financial donations, we express our corporate responsibility personally, for example on “Good Deeds Day.”

With this broad-based approach, we create added value for our owners, tenants, employees and properties.