Environmental Management

Savings Through Online Central Heating Control

We control our central-heating systems with online recording and monitoring systems. From the data transmitted online, we can draw conclusions on available potential for optimization – and consequently savings – that we make full use of in order to keep energy costs constantly under control.

For instance, we can control the duration and temperature of night setback and readjust it if necessary. This also enables us to identify a heating-system failure at an early stage and rectify the problem immediately.

Water – Individual Billing To Your Advantage

Our entire residential and commercial portfolio is equipped with modern cold-water meters that enable individual billing for water consumption based on actual use (there are also hot-water meters in properties with central hot-water supply.) Installation of these meters and the resultant increase in tenants’ awareness have led to a noticeable decrease in water consumption in nearly all properties, which directly benefits you as tenants in the form of lower operating costs.

Waste Separation Reduces Operating Costs

Correct waste separation preserves resources, thus protecting the environment … and you save hard cash. In Berlin, there are only collection fees for residual waste bins (the gray bin.) All other receptacles such as the Green Dot (the yellow bins), the paper & cardboard bins (the blue bins), the biomaterials bin, the orange box (bulk garbage and recycling bin) and the glass containers are currently collected free of charge.

If waste is separated correctly, the number of gray bins can therefore be maintained or even reduced, as most of today’s household waste is recyclable. This in turn leads to falling operating costs, which benefits you.

In addition to the above-mentioned bins, some of our properties also have a waste gate that is installed in front of the residual waste bin. The gate allows the refuse costs to be allocated according to what is actually thrown away, thus providing an incentive to tenants to separate their own waste. Further improving waste separation makes it possible to remove additional residual waste bins, thus reducing operating costs and improving environmental protection.